How to get free Diamonds in Mobile legends

How to get free Diamonds in Mobile legends

How to get unlimited free diamonds at Mobile Legends

In this article we will show you the best way to get unlimited free diamonds in the game of Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA-based game for mobile devices and like most games of this genre, you can do the same here, only the difference is that you can play this game on a mobile device. It is one of the most played games in terms of apps for mobile.

So that you can join your friends in the 5v5 battle system. You can use several heroes that offer different game modes of different roles and build your team to reach the top of the league. To compare this game in MOBA Legends, Moonton, developer of Mobile Legends is proud to be able to queue up in this game in a matter of seconds.

Free diamonds Mobile legends

In the Mobile Legends game, there are several gems you can earn, including battle points, tickets, fragments and diamonds. As one of the premium currencies in the game Mobile Legends: Bang bang. Getting a free Diamond is quite difficult.

How to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends

1. Live Streaming:

One way to get the first Diamonds for free is to do Live Streaming. Mobile Legends features Live Stream where you can watch other people’s games in real time.

By watching the live stream, you can give Diamonds directly. Amount of subsidy from: Flower: 2 diamond jewels: 6 Diamond Roadster: 250 Diamond Yacht: 1000 Diamond Airplane: 5000 Diamond When you enable the Live Stream feature, it is likely that people who love your game will give you free Diamonds.

2. Take the Tournament

Next is to follow a tournament. When this article was created, Moonton, as developer of the game Mobile Legends, has a tournament that you and your team can follow.

The amount of prizes is quite large, among others: Squadron Winner: 50,000 Diamond per member 2nd place: 30,0000 Diamond per member 3rd and 4th place: 15,000 Diamond per member 5th place: 8: 10,000 Diamond per member Following and winning a tournament, of course you can get free Diamonds.4

3. Through the impulse production application

Last is to use one of the impulse-generating applications. A lot of websites already shared a variety of applications that you can use to get free credit. One of the best is the application of Gumsup, you can earn free diamonds in mobile legends, you only must install the app in your mobile and do the tasks that they ask.